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SEO Services – Every business wants to be found on the first page of Google, but not every business deserves to be there as your company’s website has to earn that right.


To identify if your website is worth ranking on its first page, Google, the number one search engine on earth with almost 90% of the overall search market, employs more than 200 unique factors in their scoring algorithm.


And that’s not all, as the SEO game changes all the time. For example, last year alone, Google released over 550 improvements to their rank scoring algorithm.

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Not everyone that can say 'SEO Services' is an expert in search engine optimisation

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That is why is essential to ensure that your company spend marketing money on SEO agencies that understand what search engine optimisation (SEO) means. 

Modern SEO services are not only designed to increase your website’s visibility but also created to respect the latest algorithmic requests your preferred search engine has released, to deliver top ranking on the first page of Google, and thus, more traffic to your website.

Genuine SEO that respects Google’s stringent requirements involves no artificial pumps, fake bots, spamming via email, or black SEO backlinking strategies. 

You might gain in the short term, but as soon as found, Google will penalise your website to the bottom of its search engine. 

If you can get your SEO right, that alone will drive far more traffic to your website, which means more sales and more money into your business in the long term. 

However, improving your website’s visibility in the most relevant search engines such as Google or Bing can be quite a difficult task as even if most marketing experts understand the need for SEO marketing, not all have the resources, understanding, experience or the time to work on it.

In today’s multi-channel marketing world, most businesses are reaching out to SEO experts in their attempts to improve their SEO ranking. 

However, it is good to know that SEO is a fast-changing landscape that requires expert search marketers, keen to stay up to date with the latest SEO changes, and thus able to deliver actionable results that last for a long time. 

Not everyone that can spell SEO is an expert in search engine optimisation and digital marketing. 

Bad SEO services might result in Google banning your website

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Proper SEO services require long hours of extensive audit, customer research, discovery and targeting, according to your company’s specific goals. 

Your SEO services expert must be able to understand your website’s design in detail and how your social media accounts function, as well as your business needs, and the company’s overall requirements.

Your SEO services expert must be up to date with the latest Google algorithmic penalties which downrank websites that have been promoted via black SEO techniques and other manipulative practices. 

If found at fault, your website will be hit by Google’s SEO penalties, and thus your search engine ranking reduced in the search results, to the extent of removing your company from the search engine altogether.

That’s why it is critical to ensure that your SEO services is a genuine expert, that can assess your websites SEO readiness, and is technically prepared for the implementation of best SEO practices before you invest in any SEO services and marketing activities. 

If unsure of what you’re doing, SEO services wise or unhappy with your SEO expert, give us a call right now.

Genuine SEO services that boost website ranking and increase sales

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Our SEO experts will analyse your website’s internal structure and architecture, and verify by hand all other relevant elements that are critical for your ranking within Google’s latest search engines algorithm. 

Any problems found, are followed up by expert recommendations and solutions, with the accent on rank improvement, search relevancy and customer targeting according to your keywords, all free of charge. 

Moreover, all our SEO services experts have experience in social media marketing, which has become a vital part of SEO marketing in modern times.

Finally, all your SEO ranking data and results will be delivered to you on monthly reports, covering the website’s visibility, leads conversions, and overall ranking value, with the aim of continually improving the performance of our SEO campaigns, reduce the SEO services costs, and deliver on what matters the most to your company, sales, recognition and respect.

Cleverly implemented SEO services are not just the soul of digital marketing but an inevitable part of the branding strategy of any businesses, and the secret of any successful company. 

Irrespective if you manage an online clothing shop or an online holidays services provider, you all need competent SEO services that help you become known to your customers, boost overall sales, benefit from happy returning customers and establish a loyal customer base, thanks to smart SEO and social media management and marketing.

SEO services that put your business on Google's 1st page

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More recent research shows almost 95% of Google users look do not search for local businesses and service providers beyond the 1st page. 

In fact, only 25 per cent of search engine users seek for business below the 5th ranking on the same 1st page, so having an SEO expert having a look at your website is critical.

And that is when the IT Hub SEO service experts come in. With over thirty years of relevant experience in SEO services and digital marketing and countless awards under our belt, our SEO experts have always helped businesses achieve their online goals. 

Whether just seeking local recognition or targeting national customers, our SEO experts are here to help with top of the range of technical and authority optimisation and drive more relevant traffic to your website.

Nowadays, the fastest way to gain a trusted online presence and generate more business for your business is through well-directed SEO (search engine optimisation) services. 

The SEO team here at the IT Hub is highly qualified in social media marketing and experts in Google Adwords and Facebook advertising. 

Our team is leading the way in content and email marketing, industry blogging, and all types of SEO services relevant to your landscape.

Our SEO expert team packs a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise in digital marketing and SEO services. 

Our over thirty years of combined expertise in SEO services will provide your business with the much-required exposure it needs to blossom and succeed. 

Moreover, our team of experts in SEO services has a proven record of continually achieving top search engine placement results, as reflected by the many successful and mutually beneficial collaborations with business clients from a wide range of industries.

SEO optimisation and digital advertising services are at the core of everything we do, so get in touch today and let’s make some magic together.

 Make sure you check out some of IT Hub’s SEO case studies, as we believe that results should always speak for themselves!

Google Reviews

John Scott
10:49 02 Oct 19
If you want an online presence that allows your business to grow and have a powerful brand image, look no further. These guys are pure experts in web design, marketing, branding, and so much more
Jean Mitchell
17:49 18 Sep 19
I was looking for a web design services company that I can trust with highly complex pieces of code, payments and other serious stuff when a business partner recommended you. We've been working together four months now, and you have impeccable standards, thank you for more
Richard Smith
08:43 05 Jul 19
Our old iMac stopped working so I Googled "computer repairs oxfordshire" - had no idea this place even existed. When I saw all the glowing reviews here I felt confident getting in touch. The service was excellent - they asked me to drop the machine off and 3 hours later they got back in touch to tell me that, due to the age of the machine, it was not cost effective to repair it. They didn't even charge me for this!!! I thoroughly recommend them based on their service, friendliness, honesty and, of course, price!read more
Charles Simmons
03:42 23 Apr 19
We are a local estate agency growing fast. Initially we’ve hired a local web designer – in our attempt to save money - without asking to see any prior work or web design examples. Our fault. But, his poor websites expertise and lack of skills become quickly obvious as we’ve asked for some more complex task. So we had to take the loss (he charged us £2500 with no refund) and find someone professional. After receiving a number of quotes we decided to work with the IT Hub in Bicester. The guys at the IT Hub web design company quoted us for a new website and business branding, all at the same time. We agreed on £5500, with delivery in 2 weeks. The service was impressive from start till finish and the final results were absolutely amazing. Ever since, all the marketing and SEO services are handled buy them, with impressive results. We’re back on the 1st page on Google and the phone rings like never before! We highly recommend the IT Hub for any professional web design services you might more
Evan Hodgson
11:21 10 Apr 19
Straight from the start, the IT Hub web designers have been nothing but truly professionals. We wish we’ve found them a few years ago, instead of wasting time and money on online build your own cheap websites and other wannabe local web designers. If you need not just a great looking website but a responsive one to Google’s search engine, you must get in touch with them ASAP. Love you guys, will definitely use you more
Ralph Hoyt
06:01 01 Apr 19
Alex, David and the team recently designed a new website for us, and did all the logo, branding, social media and all the marketing we needed for our online business. Alex was a pleasure to work with; always knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and responsive. We couldn't be happier with the superb quality of both the new website and the branding of our business as they’ve skillfully captured the brand image we were looking. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the IT Hub web designers to others that need an excellent website very more
Lewis Reynolds
12:16 27 Mar 19
After having been promised a website by another developer in Bicester, which took the money upfront and then disappeared, we were reluctant to try another web designer in the are. However, one of our neighbours recommended us the IT Hub in Bicester. We went for a meeting at their offices on Wedgwood road and found them a pleasure to talk to. They’ve nicely explained what’s wrong with the existing website, design and marketing wise, and we all agreed on a cost to have our website built from scratch. We have only paid a fraction in advance and the rest at the end of the job. It is a decision we do not regret as now we have a successful online business again. Thank you Alex and the team, you are absolute stars!read more
Jamie McClure
13:01 20 Mar 19
My partner and I got in touch with the IT Hub in Bicester for a new web design after using a 'build your own' product which dragged us down on google and made us look like amateurs. The price difference was not big at all, but the website deign difference is immense! We now have a wonderful website which operates correctly on a mobile phones and on desktop as well! We're extremely happy with the finished web site design done by the IT Hub and would recommend them to all other businesses out more
Bailey Lowe
13:45 13 Mar 19
What a fantastic web design service from the guys at the IT Hub!!! Asked for a simple website, just to promote my business online and they delivered to perfection. The quoted price was very competitive to start with as they’ve asked me to check the market and come back with some quotes from other providers. Then, for the amount of edits and adjustments I made along the way, these guys have been extremely kind and patient. Overall, my new website looks so professional, not to mention the massive boost in enquiries thanks to the free SEO these guys have put in place for me. Highly recommended web designers in Bicester!read more
Courtney Landis
03:03 21 Jan 19
So this is not a review about the IT Hub Bicester IT outsourcing services or any other computer repair capabilities. These guys are legendary, we all know that. This is a review about the people behind this business. Over the last six months, our team has become friends with their team. We are now attending world cup football matches, do bbq's and work parties, and we all enjoy spending time together. Nicest guys in the world, a pleasure to have a round. That being said, we think that Alex could improve his bbq skills as the mean was quite burned last time :). All the best guys, see you tonight at the match!read more
Kraig Ross
06:18 26 Dec 18
We started working with IT Hub Bicester for all our IT, Server and cloud-related needs in our Aylesbury and Oxford offices. They've started to migrate our infrastructure from our old managed IT services to their state of the art platform. A year later, if I could summarise the IT Hub Bicester in a few words that would be "great service, very competent staff and a pleasure to deal with them." Very impressed with the team and their rapid communication, a pleasure to work with more
Francesca Dodd
00:12 12 Dec 18
Our company was in search of a new business IT support company in Bicester that could handle all the complex IT requirements we have. Mainly we were looking to outsource some of the services, especially for our stores in Bicester Village where 24h data monitoring became critical. We have been working with the IT Hub Bicester for over nine months now, and I am pleasantly impressed with their professionalism. Their support staff is trained to perfection and always available if needed. I highly recommend IT Hub Bicester, for the people who work for them, as they are the best we've seen so far and are indeed making a difference. Thanks to them our flagship company is now in a much better position knowing that disaster recovery is implemented and monitored 24h for all locations in the more
Trish Ross
21:05 14 Nov 18
We have used the IT Hub Bicester for our IT support straight from the beginning. We have a simple infrastructure, but these guys always treat us like kings. They make feel like our problems are primary to them, never refusing any job, not even when it is not much to gain for them. Their service is terrific, and the prices are lower than all we've tried before. We also love that all their over the phone IT support staff is friendly, very knowledgeable, and patient to an extreme when it comes to solving our problems. We definitely recommend them if you're looking to change to a new IT services provider in more
Salzer Guerro
16:26 07 Nov 18
Excellent computer support if you run a store in Bicester Village and need computer assistance. However, beyond their expertise in networks and computer repairs, the thing that impressed us the most about IT Hub Bicester is their unified billing system which includes all services, licensing, and hardware under the same more
McGinley Fortunato
19:59 24 Oct 18
It is so comforting to know that we have the IT Hub Bicester taking care of our computers in Bicester Village. Jordan, in particular, has taken outstanding care of us. We now have a maintenance contract with them, but whenever we have an issue, Jordan is always prompt to the cause. Courteous, polite, and very knowledgeable, Jordan has become our IT guardian angel. Very professional and great to know if you run a shop in Bicester Village and need IT more
Katy R Manley
20:35 17 Oct 18
Found out of the IT Hub Bicester after they've responded to our emergency call within 20 minutes. Unheard of at that time, we couldn't believe that they've solved all our IT issues the same day. But more impressive was them taking time to explain and educate us regarding what we did wrong and what happened. Now, the IT Hub Bicester has our office in a training regimen. Sandeep and the team help educate all of our guys in the office, about ransomware, malware, phishing emails and much more. One a monthly contract with them and couldn't be happier than this. Thank you IT Hub Bicester team, we appreciate all the help, expertise and patience!read more
Carlos Lorene
19:07 26 Sep 18
We had some network issues and grew tired of having our previous IT team coming to check for problems twice a day. After three weeks of misery, and payments for callouts and hours of support for something they've never fixed, blaming it on the weather, on the neighbours, on the provider, we've been referred to the IT Hub Bicester. The business partner that told us about them had only good things to say so decided to give them a try. It all started with a free assessment, and after 3 hours of IT consultancy they've found the issues (yes, quite a few) and suggested a detailed resolution. Surprising is that for the first time we all understood what was wrong and what was needed to repair. Eric used a simple language we understood. We agree to have the job done, and next day Eric returned with the necessary gear to perform the changes. Six hours later we had the line online, working like magic. Since then Eric has become our account manager with the IT Hub Bicester, and we would not change him for anything in the world!read more
Angela Moxley
05:38 20 Sep 18
Our office in Bicester Village uses Bicester IT Hub for network support. We used to send an engineer from France when the network was going down or when the front desk computers were having problems. However, we were lucky to find the IT Hub in Bicester one day when our network engineer was not available. They've fixed the problem in 30 minutes and since our Bicester office has a monthly maintenance contract. They perform preventative maintenance tasks, ensuring all computers are up to date, free from viruses, trojans and hardware problems. The engineers might change, depending on the job or the day, but all of them are very friendly and a pleasure to work with. Another benefit is their 24/7 IT Support feature that comes in handy when we have stock takes or other similar situations. Anyway, if you need outsourcing IT Support for Bicester Village, you must give the IT Hub a call. Save money, have your IT problems solved the same day. Highly recommended!read more
Marcus Anderson
21:01 10 Sep 18
With over 20 years of practice, we've seen them all. As a procurement company of IT services for small to medium businesses, we've dealt with some great and poor partners alike. However, our partnership with the IT Hub in Bicester is second to none, and after so many positive reviews from our clients, we've also decided to give them a try. For us, having different IT services with various companies, it was always hard to keep track of who does what and when. But these guys put all our services under one roof and provide us with a complete IT support package, suited to our custom needs. There are numerous IT support specialists based on the outskirts of Bicester, all aiming to provide IT support to businesses across Oxfordshire, Aylesbury, Banbury and Thames Valley. And yet, Bicester IT Hub has become our favourite company to deal with, not only for their knowledge but also easiness to work more
Diana Glennie
19:53 03 Sep 18
We highly recommend Bicester IT Hub for any kind of IT support requirements your business might have. Their response rate is impressive, and the quality of their service is outstanding. Two engineers collected our faulty computers on Friday evening and delivered them back fully functional on Monday morning, 7 AM. By 9 AM we have the whole office back on track and fully operational. First class work at a fraction of the prices we used to pay before. Thank you, we'll definitely call you again!read more
Alexandr Ionow
23:11 12 Aug 18
Update 10-06-2018 finally all our data is now safe in the cloud!!! The massive scare we've gone through after that virus locked all our data asking for Bitcoin payment is gone thanks to the IT Hub Bicester team. Glen and Alex managed to recover all the data and save it to Google cloud. Moreover, we now access and work with our emails and documents directly via Google with no need for Microsoft exchange server for emails (and administration fees) even Microsoft Office licences for 31 computers we have in the office. Can't believe we are now saving lots of money while being much more more
Cecil Markus
06:42 30 Jul 18
Thank you for your excellent service, we appreciate it very much. The IT Hub fixed our network in a couple of hours, not sure what was wrong but they've changed some of the boxes, and everything went back online. Excellent and amicable service, amazingly fast, cost-effective with real results. Will call them more
Trisha Escobar
01:42 21 Jul 18
So lucky to have found these guys. Whether you are an existing established business or a small business just starting up, our recommendation goes with the IT Hub Bicester. These guys are here to help, no doubt about it. We've tried a lot of IT support providers in Oxfordshire and have found that most of them deal with single aspects of our IT requirements. With the IT Hub, we have everything under the same umbrella. They serve our domain hosting needs, maintain and monitor our voice over the internet calls, do our SEO and website design, all while running remote PC maintenance and keeping an eye on our busy servers. Give them a call, you'll love working with more
Katie Witkowski
03:15 09 Jul 18
One of our office ladies lost or deleted some critical data from a USB Drive. Nobody had an idea how to get these back. Thankfully it was the IT Hub Bicester that came to the rescue! Less than 10 minutes after our call for help, Jack, one of their engineers arrived on site. Not only he was able to recover all the data, but he was also super pleasant and delightful to talk to! Jack, if you read this thank you so much for such the fantastic job, your number is now stuck to all monitors in the more
Hughes Wells
23:20 03 Jul 18
Highly efficient service! Had a power failure and our Apple server and a few other systems refused to boot back. It was Friday evening 5.30PM with our IT support company not picking up. In desperation went online and found the IT Hub with excellent reviews. Reluctantly gave them a call. What a find this was! All systems were fixed over the, and the bill was the most modest of any IT support jobs we have so far experienced. The support and advice were impressive. The team is full of professionalism and honesty and we use them now. Highly recommended!read more
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