Laptop Repair Bicester

☑ Laptop Repair Bicester – Free Diagnostic

☑ Premium Repair Service

☑ 120 Days Guarantee

Laptop Repair Bicester

At Bicester IT Hub we can repair and upgrade a broad range of laptop brands, right at our service shop.

You can bring your laptop to our store, and we will diagnose the problem of your laptop for free. As a matter of fact, we base our work on a no fix, no fee policy meaning you won’t have to pay a penny if we are not able to repair your laptop.

We can repair a wide variety of laptop issues in our store including common problems such as:

  • Virus removal
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Data recovery
  • Software problems

If we are unable to repair your laptop in our Bicester shop, we will send it to our central lab in London where our specialised technicians will ensure that even the most complicated repairs are successfully performed. Please bear in mind that in this case, the repair will take around seven days.

Laptop Repair Bicester – Overheating And Slow Laptop

Is your laptop shutting off suddenly after just 15-20 minutes? Does it get boiling and the coolers are always on? Heat in a notebook is a killer. There are coolers inside it to keep it cool, but in time they get clogged up with dust, dirt and even hair.

If your laptop is presenting these symptoms and you are ignoring them, your device will suffer irreparable damage in time and possible data loss. We can remove any dirt from the CPU fans, which will allow the air to cool the laptop’s internal components again. More than that, we will also refresh the thermal paste of the CPU free of charge.

Laptop Repair Bicester – Hardware And Software Upgrades

Our in-house technicians can perform most standard hardware and software upgrades to your laptops. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Screen replacement
  • Installing additional RAM (if your laptop motherboard allows it)
  • Replace or swap a hard disk with an SSD
  • Windows Installations
  • Adobe Suite License Fix

Laptop Repair Bicester – Transparent Pricing

In addition to our free diagnosis and no fix no fee policy, we also offer an open pricing policy of a £49.99 fixed price for labour. Therefore, if new components are required to repair your laptop, we will let you know in advance how much it will cost and get your approval before carrying out any repair.

In the case you’d prefer not to carry on with the repair, your laptop will be returned to you at no extra charge.

Laptop Repair Bicester – Macbook Repairs And Upgrades

We are fully certified to repair or upgrade your Apple Macbook. Ask for more details in our store.

Laptop Repair Bicester – Guarantee

All our laptop and computer repair Bicester services include a three-month warranty covering the fixed fault.

For more info please give us a call at 01869 866 432

Laptop Repair Bicester

Issues We Fix Everyday

  • Laptop is not turning on
  • Virus or Malware attacks
  • Slow laptop and pop-ups on screen
  • Hard disk and SSD failure
  • Battery not charging

Laptop Repair Bicester

£49.99+ parts
  • 3 month guarantee
  • Covers you for the fault we repair
  • Repaired in max 24h